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Dated 24 October 2006: One Hundred Dollars

100 dollars of Geneon merchandise
100 dollars of Geneon merchandise.

Oh hey, my 25 Geneon items from that recent sale arrived. As you can see: Seven A Little Snow Fairy Sugar DVDs, three Popotan DVDs, six The Melody of Oblivion DVDs, and nine CDs.

If anything, it'll give me an excuse to start talking about The Melody of Oblivion again.

Dated 28 October 2006: Little Tokyo

For the record, Little Tokyo here in Los Angeles is pretty nice, but it really needs a more prominent Little Akihabara component.

Dated 3 November 2006: DO YOUR BEST deshou

Either fansubbing has slowed to a crawl or I'm just not watching very many shows this season. Probably the latter, as I'm not watching any raws, either. Still, there's something wrong as a matter of principle when the only things I have on the radar are Gift ~eternal rainbow~ 05, and the next episode of Heroes.

Mai-Otome ED.

At least my Galaxy Angel Z DVDs arrived today, and I've got the my Geneon order to watch. Still, it's odd to watch so few shows from the current season. I also attribute this as the reason why I've got "Otome wa DO MY BEST Deshou" on the brain.

Who am I kidding? I know I'm going to end up re-watching all of Mai-Otome before the next My-HiME DVD ships.

Dated 19 November 2006: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Evangelion Platinum Edition DVDs
Evangelion Platimum Edition DVDs boxed set.

Holy crap, the Platinum Edition of the Neon Genesis Evangelion DVDs (ADV's version of the digitally remastered Renewal discs) is down to $33.87. I can vouch for the quality of these discs. As someone who owns both the Platinum Edition and the older so-called "Perfect Edition," the Platinum version is vastly superior in every respect.

Dated 13 February 2007: Gigabit network GET

How in the world did I ever get by without a gigabit network before? I must have been eating retard sandwiches not to have set this up earlier.

Dated 14 February 2007: Everything I know about women I learned from Bing Crosby

She may be weary.

George and Miyuki

Young girls they do get weary

Dominic and Anemone

Wearing that same old shabby dress.


And when she gets weary

Dominic and Anemone

Try a little tenderness.

Miyuki and George

It's not just sentimental.

Asuka and Kaji

She has her grief and care.

Minmay and Hikaru

And a word that's soft and gentle

George and Miyuki

Makes it easier to bear.

Dated 26 February 2007: Be back later


Don't worry; I found someone to watch the place while I'm gone.

Dated 1 May 2007: Traveling again. Itinerary not conducive to et cetera et cetera

This could take a while.

So long.