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Dated 15 October 2008: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, sex education edition

WARNING: This entire entry contains spoilers for the end of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. If you haven't seen the series and think you might care about who lives and who dies and whatnot, avert your eyes.

Some of the Numbers
Unless I counted wrong, some of the Numbers are unaccounted for.

Okay, maybe I wasn't paying as close attention as I should have, but I swear Dr. Jail Scaglietti said he God damn impregnated all 12 of the Numbers with clones of himself. And then the show ends and nothing further is said about the matter.

So what happened? Did Time Space Administration Bureau pinheads force the Numbers to have abortions? Do they all still have buns in their ovens? Was it all a bluff? How did he impregnate them all, anyway? No, wait, never mind about that last part. Those details are probably related extensively in a number of doujinshi.

Dated 30 January 2009: In re Viewer Mail, Twitter, and Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

< Shikabane_Evirus> Anyway, I am totally going to blog about my AVANT-GARDE anime twitter, and ani-nouto is going to say it is a great or terrible idea...

Normally I would but I'm so shocked by Nanoha (or, actually, Fate) that I am thinking anime is ruined for me now, what to say about blogging and twittering.
-- Pete

Most Nanoha advocates aren't objective enough to caveat their recommendations with a qualification acknowledging that the series is rather polarizing. Many will sidestep the matter by suggesting new viewers skip directly to A's which is widely regarded as far and away the best series of the trilogy.

I disagree in so much that I feel A's has its own flaws. Also, despite some very nice fights, they don't measure up to My-Otome levels of mahou shoujo thrashings in my view. In fact, I'm tempted to claim the first series is the best of the three, merely because I prefer the dynamic having Fate as an antagonist provides.

I maintain that the most provocative aspects of the Nanoha series are the unanswered questions that everyone seems to pass over. E.g. In re Fate's Final Offer and In re the Fate of the Numbers.

Naturally, I don't think the Nanoha series is sophisticated enough to have introduced these questions deliberately—a larger flaw in my view than the pandering fan service, towards which I'm entirely ambivalent.

Dated 23 December 2009: Fate Testarossa misplaces some clothing

Grown-up Fate is grown-up.

Needs more Dracula cape.