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Dated 29 January 2008: True Tears

Hiromi, present day.

Hiromi as a child.

I like True Tears because, unlike most anime, the characters don't have the exact same hair during flashbacks as they do in the present.

Dated 4 February 2008: I'm only watching True Tears because of Hiromi's hair

Hiromi's hourglass hair is the best part of True Tears.

I jumped True Tears to the front of the line because everyone insists it's so good, plus I hadn't watched any currently-airing shows in a while. However, I think I'm going to drop it back into the "Wait 'till It's Over" queue because I simply don't find the show all that interesting.

Don't be shocked. It's not your fault, sweetheart.

I almost feel guilty letting it slide, since the animation is so pretty. However, even I need something more engaging than concave hair, no matter how well it's drawn.

Shinichiro and Noe
Noe makes Shinichiro her bitch again.
I'm just going to assume that Noe is freakishly strong, you puss.

I still agree that it's a good show, with nice production values and an unfolding plot based around the characters' hidden agendas, but it just doesn't grab me because most of the characters are such tools. I like the mother because she's spiteful and cruel with a smoldering fury, and I like Hiromi because she has excellent hair and her life kinda sucks. And I even almost like Noe because she's crazy.

Shinichiro and Miyokichi
Shinichiro and Miyokichi, don't y'all belong in Tokimeki Memorial ~Chicken Love~?
I think you may have gotten on the wrong bus.

But I've seen these male leads before, and I don't need to see them again. It's like they're in the wrong show. Male leads with no redeeming values are a given in simple harem comedies—even outright despicable ones are tolerated under the proper conditions. But True Tears seems to have more going for it, so I have greater expectations for it. As such, I can't abide worthless characters. In a way, it's similar to the biggest flaw in the Fate/Stay Night anime: Emiya was such a waste of space he dragged a promising show down to his level.

Dated 2 March 2008: Nodame Cantabile and True Tears similarities

Saiko waterboards Nodame
Noe waterboards Shinichiro
It's okay. They both deserved it.


Dated 26 May 2010: Detective Conan similiarity to Nodame Cantabile and True Tears

Nobody fucks with Ran, okay.

What does Detective Conan have in common with Nodame Cantabile and True Tears?


This is not a Ran ass shot, okay.

Ran is such a snappy dresser, too. I sure hope that outfit isn't ruined.