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8 April 2007: Idolm@ster Xenoglossia


I promise you, Idolm@ster Xenoglossia is awesome. Well, awesome for a series with just one episode in the can so far.

Haruka tanks an idol audition.

The first episode begins with our main heroine, Haruka, choking at her idol audition. Fullmoon she ain't. Stunningly, she still makes the cut. Acceptance letter in hand, she tears off for Tokyo for her callback, completely unaware that the idol competition was a screening for potential mecha pilots. Oh, Sunrise.

Yayoi talks to Haruka.

Seeing her off is her very aerodynamic "always ready" friend, Yayoi with the excellent hair.

Haruka meets Yukiho
Haruka meets Yukiho.

Along the way she meets Siesta from Zero no Tsukaima, who has apparently ditched that loser Saito after he dragged her to Japan. Seriously, they're both even voiced by Yui Horie. She's a dead ringer.

Iori loses patience with Haruka. I told you she yells a lot.

Despite what you might expect, there is relatively little fan service in Idolm@aster Xenoglossia. This is the kind of show where it would be reasonable to expect fan service to be rampant. Don't get me wrong; there is fan service, but it generally comes in the form of Sunrise superlovely character design spamming rather than the usual, more obvious varieties. For example, when it is publically revealed that the penguin-obsessed Haruka is wearing penguin underpants, we see that she is mortified, but not a stitch of the offending clothing is ever shown.

Haruka and R.I.F.F.A.
R.I.F.F.A. abducts Haruka.

Speaking of Haruka's penguin obsession, it seems that's her shtick. Many characters have a defining characteristic that makes them readily memorable. For example, Yukiho is narcoleptic, Iori bitches people out a lot, and Yukana's R.I.F.F.A. character err...can defy gravity, I guess. And I don't mean she defies gravity the way Yayoi defies gravity. And how.

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