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29 January 2009: I despise Twitter because I've been blogging since 1999 and I resist change

< Shikabane_Evirus> Ho ho.
< albert> who is the momotato of anime twittering
< Shikabane_Evirus> I think ani-nouto quoted hinano's twitter, but I think hers is general purpose.
< Shikabane_Evirus> Anyway, I am totally going to blog about my AVANT-GARDE anime twitter, and ani-nouto is going to say it is a great or terrible idea, but regardless there will be scads of imitators afterwards and the episodic anime twittering movement will be all my fault.
< albert> unless the twitter fad blows over
< Shikabane_Evirus> I'm banking on the world's ever-diminishing attention spans.
< TheBigN> I'll be stuck keeping blogging to longer than 140 characters.
< Shikabane_Evirus> I bet nobody reads more than 140 characters of my blog entries anyway.
< Shikabane_Evirus> They probably just read the image captions.

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