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26 August 2006: Zero no Tsukaima

Let's see, first some noble doofus traded Siesta, a concubine-maid so fresh she was still in her original wrapper, for an old porno magazine. And now Saito has passed her up for...the dubious pleasure of being blue-balled the rest of the season. Good job, guys.

Siesta joins Saito for some impromptu nude hot tubbing.

Zero no Tsukaima's source for Yui Horie Sweetness is going to inexplicably have zero miles on her by the end of the show, isn't she?

Henrietta, Saito, and Louise
A kiss on the hand is worth two in the bush. Wait, I said that wrong....

In any case, Saito's character has been rather inconsistent. Sometimes he's played up like a typical harem comedy male terrified of any sort of female contact, and at other times he's all about the casual nudity and the smooching of pretty girls above his social station.

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