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16 June 2007: Pacifism, Gundam SEED Destiny, and Macross 7

I really am tired of pacifism dominating shows about WAR. I mean, I understand a kids' show can't really glorify war (except on Palestinian stations, apparently), but conceited characters who just happen to be able to whale all other charcters, yet refuse to fight (except to thrust their hippie dogma on everyone else, 'natch) are infuriating as all Hell.

This, of course, was the biggest reason (albeit among many) why Gundam SEED Destiny sucked.

Anime Jesus Kira Yamato
"What? Why's everyone looking at me?"

Pacifism is only entertaining when it is rife with hypocrisy. SEED III Empress Lacus Clyne, I trust you will not disappoint.

Speaking of Lacus Clyne, I've also been looping Tanaka Rie's Lacus Clyne pacifist ballads for some time now. I hope this isn't contradictory....

Unfortunately, Gundam SEED Lacus Clyne Destroys the World is going to have to wait until after recently-announced ALL NEW GUNDAM, which I'm not at all excited about because apparently the show takes the shittiest part of Destiny and makes it the main plot. Sigh.

Someone finally punches Basara in the face.

Macross 7 manages not to annoy me because it's so goofy. I mean, the best way to win battles in the Macross 7 universe is to SING HARDER. Also, I've determined that Macross 7 doesn't belong in the Cho Jiku Yosai Macross continuity, so it doesn't seem a sacriligous as it might otherwise be.

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