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24 June 2007: Macross 7

Guvava and Mylene
Guvava and Mylene.

Gigil isn't the only Macross 7 character that grew on me over time. Mylene also got a lot more likable when she stopped being so, err, one-note.

Mylene from the second ED
It helps that in the EDs Mylene is a real dish.

I'd much rather see Mylene as the lead character in Macross 7 instead of Basara. Unfortunately, for much of the series she's relegated to being one of Basara's foils. (Read: Spends all her time bitching him out for being self-absorbed.)

Mylene and Gamlin
Mylene and Gamlin.

It takes a while, but through her relationship with Gamlin, and brief moments revealed throughout the breadth of the series, the viewer gets to accept Mylene as a real character. Sadly, too many of the other players remain caricatures.

Guvava and Mylene
Let's rock.

Granted, complaining about a lack of character development in a show about teenagers piloting giant transforming robots controlled by guitars in order to drive off monstrous alien attackers via the power of ROCKING OUT may be a tad untoward.

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