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28 June 2007: Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~

Kasuga shows us what ownage looks like.

Like I said earlier, I'm currently only watching two shows: Macross 7 and Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~.

Yes, I still get a kick out of Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~. It has silly things like giant-tent jokes. How can you not like big-ass-tent jokes? Maybe it's funnier if you've ever had to set up or tear down a gigantic tent in the pouring rain.

The Legendary Sayuri.

And it keeps people from noticing that they're driving Sayuri crazy. Although I gotta say she's taking it better than Mei from Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight.

Peer scrutiny 2, Mei 0.

I acknowledge that Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ is not exactly top-fuel hilarity. To be honest, it's not even exactly funny—amusing is more accurate. But when it works, it works, and for whatever reason it gets more endearing all the time.

Incinerator Goddess
And it has an Incinerator Goddess, for crying out loud!

And now that I think about it, you know what's weird? For a harem comedy—although you could argue that Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ is not really a harem comedy with "only" three love interests. Shuffle!, this ain't—there's hardly any fan service at all. (Shuffle! Memories ass-boat episode, this ain't.) Okay! except for the onsen bit, but even then. It's kinda unexpected for an anime based on a series of dating simulators.

Kasuga, Aoba, and Mina
Mina Strikes!

Fan service qualification noted, I offer that Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ has quality seifuku. Contrary to what Moetry asserts, I think thin ribbons work well here. I admit they would be ridiculous in real life, though.

Speaking of ridiculous, even being way off her game (I blame lingering injuries resulting from her collision with Aoba early in the season), Kasuga has got some ridiculous hang time. It's right there in the OP. However, after seeing episode 17, Mina might have her beat in that department.

Mina being Mina, she probably forgets all the time that she's likely the best athlete in the school. But she remembers when it matters.

Mina, Kasuga, and Aoba
Mina tears shit up. Kasuga is vexed.

The competition between Kasuga and Mina in episode 17 is beautiful. It elevates 17 even higher than 15 (the episode focusing on the teacher). For that matter, 17 is about as perfect an episode of that kind of anime as you're ever going to see. It effectively exemplifies everything I love about Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~.

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