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14 May 2024: I still like Konosuba

Aqua and Kazuma
The balloons are a nice touch.

Since I enjoyed the first two seasons and also agreed the movie deserved its high praise, I didn't have a good reason to worry that I wouldn't like Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 3 (KONOSUBA -God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! 3). Still, I felt the latest installment from the franchise (the Megumin spinoff) faltered a bit, and it's not uncommon for sequels to underperform compared to their predecessors. Thankfully, the third season of Konosuba continues to highlight what makes it good: Lousy people being shitty to each other.

Megumin, Darkness, Aqua
It's not easy being Lalatina.

Well, they're not all lousy people, and they're not always shitty to each other. Notably, I guess I can't characterize Darkness that way, at least not in the way Aqua, Kazuma, and Megumin easily fit that description. Darkness is only lousy when the series continues to beat her masochist drum. Repeating that joke too much is one of the most notable failing of Konosuba as a series. However, I'm pleased the third season has refrained from overplaying that gag. In fact, Darkness actually gets some much-needed expansions to her character. She's now the decent, apologetic person who has to constantly corral her unruly and irreverent friends. Poor Lalatina, you don't deserve this. Still, watching you woefully suffer is a good change of pace from your usual shtick.

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