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8 July 2007: My-Otome Zwei

Okay, when I said I was only watching two shows...I lied. I'm actually also watching the Maria-sama ga Miteru and the My-Otome OAVs.

I'm all over the My-Otome Zwei OAVs because they are AWESOME.

Arika could take Strike Freedom one-on-one, straight up.

I was hooked right from the start of the first My-Otome Zwei OAV because it was essentially Stratos 4 except with magikal girls. The planet is all like, "Oh shit, giant asteroid inbound!" And the Comet Blaster Otome are all like, "FOX ONE!" And then they're like, "Oh shit, it dodged!" [P.S. SPOILERS.] And Meteor Sweeper Otome Mikaze Arika is all like, "Fuck you, asteroid, I'll punch you in the face—in the FACE!" Yeah, that RULED.

Arika has had a little nanomachine work done.

Speaking of Arika, she's a lot more likable now as slightly older, somewhat more mature, substantially more developed, confident Arika. Plus I think it's kinda funny that her new MATERIALISE ZWEI ULTIMATE special power is the ability to turn into her mom.

Mom-mode Arika.

Speaking of which, mom-type Arika really would have been a better My-Otome protagonist than ant-type Arika.

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