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12 July 2007: A few thoughts now that I've finished Macross 7

Mylene would have made a more interesting lead character. I would also like to know more about Max and Milia's other children. And I never figured out why Max and Milia looked so young even though they were supposed to be be 35 years older.

Basara contemplates his predicament.

Basara never fully won me over, although I did like him a lot better after the post-series Macross 7 OAVs and movie. Really, the series would have been a lot better if it had been more like those. There should also have been more Macross 7 Plus segments. Having just one omake for the bridge bunnies is not nearly enough.

I'm afraid I also wasn't too impressed with the music in Macross 7, at least during its 49-episode run. (Again, I felt the OAVs were stronger in this regard.) I would have liked more variety in the music, and I'm not a great fan of any of the songs, although I admit they grew on me a little with constant repetition.

Mylene and Gamlin
Mylene and Gamlin contemplate their relationship.
You should offer Mylene a Coke, Gamlin!

Overall, Macross 7 is light fare for a space opera, but amusing enough to justify watching, even if you're not a Macross fan. Most viewers will know after only a few episodes if they'll enjoy the series as a whole.

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