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27 July 2007: Figure 17 not actually about teen models

Figure 17
Figure 17.

Now that I've finished Macross 7, I've moved on to Figure 17. I've been assured that it is good, and it was a convenient excuse to pick another show with a seven in the title. And I've already seen Eureka 7.

Figure 17 is a lot less dirty than its name might lead you to imagine, even if it is about two 10-year-old girls who combined to form a 20-year-old.

Hikaru and Tsubasa
Hikaru and Tsubasa.

Let me start over. Figure 17 is about an introverted Tokyo girl, Tsubasa, who moves to the country. Her new classmates shun her because they misinterpret her shyness as conceitedness. An alien spacecraft crashes nearby one night, and Tsubasa meets Hikaru. Hikaru takes Tsubasa's form, except with high-test-genki (pleasantly voiced by Fumiko Orikasa).

Figure 17 is sort of a mahou shoujo show, although there are no naked transformation sequences and no animal sidekicks. So far, it's mostly about Tsubasa coming out of her shell, making some friends, and becoming more confident, with occasional unremarkable fights against space monsters with too many teeth.

Hikaru, Sakura, and Tsubasa
Hikaru, Yui Horie's Sakura, and Tsubasa.

But it does feature Yui Horie in a Love Hina-era role playing a surly, selfish teenager. So consider the Yui Horie Clause officially invoked.

Figure 17 seems to be a pleasant enough show. It's not wildly impressing me by any means, but it is entertaining enough, and novel in that its episodes are double-length. I also enjoy the music in Figure 17 more than the music in Macross 7. The OP and fight music rock, and the pastoral bits are soothing.

Hikaru makes the :3 mouth again.

One thing I I don't like is how Tsubasa and Hikaru persistently have that stupid cat mouth thing that's supposed to be moe. You know, the wavy smile represented in the emoticon :3 except with sizable overbites. I'm going to go on record as saying Cat Mouth is not cute; it looks retarded.

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