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6 September 2007: The real Nadesico dilemma lies between Yurika and Ryoko

Ruri casts a glance askance.

I finished re-watching Nadesico. I don't have any remarkable revelations to report, although I can say that I've come to like Ruri more over the years. This is not to say that I ever disliked Ruri, but the first time I watched Nadesico, I couldn't understand why she had so many fans until I got to the episode explaining her origins.

Ruri and Akito
Ruri and Akito.

Now, I better appreciate Ruri's droll narratives and find her amusingly precocious. I also have the benefit of seeing in retrospect how her character influenced various immitators. For example, Primula from Shuffle! certainly borrows heavily from the Book of Ruri.

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