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12 September 2007: VanDread's Dita wanted to put out but didn't know how

Dita is thrilled.

One of the VanDread staples involves combining mecha. Hibiki's Vanguard is able to combine with the females' Dreads to form even more powerful giant robots. Yes, there is an obvious sexual metaphor here.

Hibiki and Dita
Dita assaults Hibiki with a surprise attack.

This new combining hotness absolutely thrills Dita, who tries to combine with Hibiki every chance she gets. Pyoro describes the pilots' post-combination seating arrangements as perverted, but I can't claim to know that this contributes to Dita's enthusiasm. Draw your own conclusions.

Dita floors Hibiki.

Given Dita's fascination with aliens (which, to a Mejale, includes all males) and the rapture she experiences after combining with Hibiki for the first time, it's little wonder that she spends the rest of the series chasing him around, trying to convince him to combine with her again.

Dita discovers the path to a man's heart.

Yeah, the sexual metaphor is played up quite a bit.

Dita waits for someone to give her a Coke.

So, metaphors and mecha aside, does Dita actually want to have sex with Hibiki? She becomes obviously more and more enamored with him throughout the series, and displays jealousy when others direct their attention towards him. And she nearly loses her mind when she learns that men and women used to create babies together. Signs say yes.

Hibiki and Dita
Hibiki falls ever more into Dita's clutches.

However, there is no indication that Dita has any idea how to have sex with Hibiki. It's a lost art in the VanDread-verse. I imagine the two of them could probably figure it out given the opportunity, but as long as Hibiki remains uninterested in Dita, and as long as Sex Ed remains absent from Mejale curricula, the two's banter and sparring keep the First Girl Clause of the harem comedy elements of VanDread at bay, and leaves the series fresh and entertaining.

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