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1 October 2006: Zero no Tsukaima

Works best against indolent opponents.

Alchemy. King of the Battle. Yeah, it doesn't quite work for me.

The impending battle.
Y'all should have invoked the draft.

Our intrepid good guys are pretty lucky that there wasn't any decent artillery at this fight.

Zero no Tsukaima was pretty lackluster all around, I have to say. Not one of J.C. Staff's better works by any means. It was amusing enough, I guess, but nothing about it managed to keep my interest for very long. It also didn't help that a number of things about it were pretty irritating, like the sparkle-magic scene-transition noises, and the rather dull fight sequences.

The Zero
Indistinguishable from magic?

I do admit to getting a kick out of seeing Saito teeing off on a bunch of dragons with the Zero. I trust the "riding inside a Zero" and like jokes were lost on no one.

In other news, hey, it's a unicorn.

Virgin alert.

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