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20 November 2009: This was way easier than fixing the T42p

Logitech MX1000 mouse
Thank you, Yotsuba, Bum Cheek City, and eBay.

Three years ago I tried to replace a faulty Logitech MX1000 base station under warranty. I never got my replacement, but I did get a "How Was Our Service?" questionnaire this year, heh. So, for kicks, I dug the mouse out of my bin of computer crap I keep meaning to throw away, but the battery was long dead and wouldn't take a charge anymore. [Edit: I was able to confirm the charger was not at fault thanks to my multimeter. Frickin' love that thing.] Thankfully, swapping in a replacement battery is dead simple.

So the mouse works again. The base station is still fucked up by the same bug that made me want to exchange it in the first place three years ago, though. Why did I bother fixing a mouse I don't use? I guess I just like soldering.

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