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14 October 2006: Gundam SEED Destiny Special Edition III

Lunamaria and Meyrin in the cafeteria.
Lunamaria and Meyrin at a zafeteria.

I would have expected Meyrin's tray to have contained either a lot more or a lot less food than Lunamaria's. Opportunity wasted.

Athurn and Meer
Meer barges into Athrun's room again.

Meyrin uses the Information Superhighway.

Athrun has a big honkin' workstation in his quarters, while Meyrin only has a notebook—proof that rank doth have its privileges. Either that or Athrun's just a GIANT NERD.

Meyrin and Athrun
Athrun surprises Meyrin.

Meyrin and Athrun on their second date.
Natural couples utilize photo booths at amusement parks
and keep their memories in sticker albums. Coordinator
couples utilize security cameras at military installations
and keep their memories in their Permanent Records.

I want a third season of Gundam SEED that features, as a running gag, frequent attempts by Meyrin and Athrun to go on dates that inevitably result in perilous situations necessitating gunplay.

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