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18 January 2010: There sure are a lot of panty shots in this show about underwear

Nayu and Haruka
Nayu loves underwear. Haruka feels okay about underwear.

I've chosen Chu-Bra!! as my PSP Experiment show. This decision was loosely based on various impressions and qualified praise gathered from around the Internet regarding the shows in question. For example, Divine called Chu-Bra!! episode two "a semi-serious depiction of the insecurities and embarrassment girls feel when their bodies are developing," and the creator of Danbooru claims "durarara > vampire bund > gentei shoujo > chu-bra > baka to test > hidamari sketch > sora no woto > ookami kakushi > ladies versus butlers."

Yako, not so much.

Through two episodes, I have to admit Chu-Bra!! is not as mindlessly insipid as I was expecting. In fact, the second episode did manage to convey the awkwardness and self-conscious humiliation some girls must feel during those awkward years. To be honest, it's going to require this type of emo teeth gnashing to keep me from jumping ship mid-season to Ladies Versus Butlers! instead. If the show turns into mindless fan service, I can't see myself making it past episode four. Whether or not this has anything to do with the fact that I'm watching it on a Playstation Portable is yet unknown.

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