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2 February 2010: Nodame Cantabile: Finale CHECK

Nodame's umbrella
But it's not even raining.

Nodame Cantabile fans should remember Nodame's awesome piano bag from the first season. Although not quite as cool, today's KARMABURN CHECK admires Nodame's heart-print umbrella from the OP to Nodame Cantabile: Finale.

Nodame tears her clothes off
Nodame is such a slob.

As far as the show itself goes, Nodame 69 is essentially a continuation of Nodame Cantabile: Paris, so you should definitely watch the earlier seasons first before starting Finale. (This may seem like a no-brainer, but there is a tendency among some viewers to fixate on only the newest, shiniest thing possible.) I happen to think this latest Nodame installment is the best Winter 2010 show, aside from Cross Game and Kimi ni Todoke, both of which started earlier. This opinion may be skewed by my affection for the series as a whole, though. While some may lament the apparent lack of progress in the Nodame & Chiaki relationship, I'm pleased the story takes seriously Nodame's own ambitions and goals that are independent of Chiaki's involvement.

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