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26 April 2010: B Gata H Kei is beautiful but scary

Kosuda and Yamada
Get a room.

I was expecting a lot more cockblocking in B Gata H Kei. Although it is rather unlikely Yamada will realize her dream of screwing 100 guys before the end of the season, there has been much more progress with regard to her relationship with Kosuda than I anticipated. For an anime sex comedy, it's almost unprecedented to reach this stage by episode four. Thank you, Queen's Blade and Seikon no Qwaser for resetting the curve as far as levels of mainstream acceptance are concerned. Actually, I suppose Kanokon deserves a mention as well.

Kosuda and Yamada
Someone needs to tell Japan about car sex.

I'm glad to see the show remains consistently funny, but I wonder if it will manage to keep it up as the plot develops. 13 episodes really isn't long enough to get things going without trying to cram everything together all at once at the end. Considering how many characters in the OP remain unidentified, it makes me fearful Yamada's cases of Demon Seal condoms will go to waste before the show is over, alas.

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