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28 April 2010: I'd write about Major more if readers weren't all 133 episodes behind

Sometimes Goro is still the punk-ass kid he was in season one.

I still can't figure out a way to discuss the current season of Major. Episode four featured the return of Alice, the ever popular Bats owner. Unfortunately, that likely means nothing to one-hundred-point-all of the people still reading this post.

I think we can count on seeing more cosplay during season six.

Shorter shows really are more suited for anime blogs, as the barriers to entry are far less daunting. I know I, for one, have started watching some shows because an anime blog entry piqued my interest in something I knew would require only modest commitment.

Gotta feel bad for Shimizu, the poor kid.

Nevertheless, I shall continue to encourage people to give Major a try. Just be forewarned that the show can be a little cruel at times. I suppose I realistically need not worry. People willing to pick up an epic baseball anime are likely already accustomed to how cruel baseball itself can be in the real world.

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