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24 September 2011: Darker than Black would make one Hell of a detective show

Shouldn't you be eating at Pizza Hut, Kiko?

Although many people seem to despise Kiko for her TOP FUEL GENKI ways (which admittedly don't fit in too well with the more somber elements in Darker than Black), I couldn't get enough of her and Gai. I never did quite figure out what Kiko's deal was, though. I get that she's a rabid anime fan, but what's with her outfit? Is she cosplaying as a character from another show? It looks vaguely Galaxy Angel-ish, and I feel as if I should recognize it, but I can't quite place it.

Kiko and Gai
Just so you know, that is one awesome phone.

Unfortunately, neither she nor Gai seem especially adept at solving their cases. Well, they don't have the benefit of Kudo Shinichi or Hattori Heiji doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes, even if they are probably well funded by dirty Pizza Hut money. I can't tell if they're more or less successful than the Futaba detective agency, though.

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