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15 March 2011: Explanations desired for minor Gundam SEED Destiny inconsistency

Athrun Zala
Athrun Zala in a left-hand-drive car.

Now, first of all, a show as wildly inconsistent and generally troubled as Gundam SEED Destiny will need drastic revisions in order to address its shortcomings. However, let's just tackle them one at a time, eh. The one in question here regards Athrun Zala's sports car. When he peels out of the parking lot the first time to go cruising with Kira, the steering wheel is on the left.

Athrun Zala
Athrun Zala in a right-hand-drive car.

However, later on when he's trolling for babes, err, apologizing to people for killing their boyfriends, err, trying to ditch his crazy stalker, Lunamaria, the steering wheel is on the right. So what is the most likely explanation for this inconsistency?

  • Sleepy animators' wits dulled by too much Pizza Hut.
  • Athrun owns more than one car because ZAFT red suit pilots make lawyer money.
  • Athrun owns more than one car because Cagalli is either (a) loaded or (b) embezzling.
  • Athrun stole two different cars.

Really, they were probably two different cars. We know the first one was at Orb, but I'm not sure where Athrun flew off to from Port Turkiosomething at the Sea of Marmots. It's wherever Miriallia was hanging out anyway, but it sure isn't Orb. Actually, probably neither of them are his because they aren't red.

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