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25 December 2001: Originally posted "December 25, 19101"

Merry Christmas, fellow carbon units.

One problem I have with "It's a Wonderful Life" is the amount of responsibility and trust the Bailey Building and Loan gave that drunken retard Uncle Billy. Really, couldn't they have just tucked him away in some harmless niche where he couldn't touch the money?

George Bailey
No wonder ol' George looks so haggard.

Other than the Uncle Billy thing and Bert shooting wildly through town at an unarmed man, even I can't nitpick about this movie.

I guess I should at least add this:

George and smoking-hot Mary Bailey

I guarantee that after his X-Mas epiphany, ol' George kept Mary walking funny well into January.

The rather fawning tone of my earlier Nausicaa take does seem to be somewhat of a departure from my usual fare of derision and damnnation.

Keeping in this spirit of uncharacteristic amiability, I've decided to spend a few moments dispensing a few pleasantries.

  • The IBM Model M keyboard is the greatest keyboard of all time and the single best piece of computer equipment I've ever owned.
  • The Benchmade Model 42s Balisong is one helluva nice knife - really well built. Too bad they aren't sold in California.

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