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23 June 2012: The End of Medaka Box ~Air/My Purest Love for Shounen Jive~

Akune, Kikaijima, and Zenkichi
Unexpectedly, they're not cleaning up after Medaka.

The first cour of Medaka Box ended recently, but with the spring 2012 season coming to an end, I could have kicked this down the road and merely included it with a season summary post, but I feel Medaka Box justifies a separate entry. I enjoyed Medaka Box, but I'm not sure I'll be watching the second season.

Medaka is so angry her hair changed color.

Like the manga, the Medaka Box anime undergoes a somewhat jarring transformation from a wacky celebration of Medaka's preternatural talents to a shounen jive block of increasingly surreal battles and one-upmanship. Frankly, through 70-some chapters, I'm tired of the bombastic precocious high school kids challenging Medaka one after another. I sure hope there's a "don't underestimate adults" segment soon to teach them some humility. The mother who looks like she's 10 doesn't count.

Unzen and Medaka
Medaka slugs a kid in the gut.

I have a low tolerance of shounen jive in general, so I don't expect to last long during Medaka Box season two. Even the amount of yappin' during the Unzen arc climax of the first-cour finale got on my nerves. This is a shame because Medaka herself and her menagerie of followers are rather charming, and I would be interested in seeing more of Medaka's aggressive benevolence instead of the upcoming endless wall-to-wall battles.

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