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14 March 2006: Mai-Otome

Mai-Otome is reaching "paydirt" status. I can't really discuss episode 22 without revealing a number of important spoilers, so be so warned.

I knew I was on the money in invoking the Providence Breaker clause regarding Aoi. This is Sunrise, after all. It's the same reasoning as in Gundam SEED and its in-cockpit deaths.

Arika crazy face.

Am I off base thinking that the Harmonium is a remnant of the red star from My-HiME?

I'm liking the Otome Miyu, even without Yuko Miyamura voicing her Searrs counterpart. For some reason, this Miyu kind of reminds me of the Shrike from Hyperion and Endymion (uh, the Dan Simmons science fiction books, not the John Keats poems), only less pointy.

Tomoe crazy face. So much crazy face.

I hope I wasn't supposed to notice the bit regarding forehead markings on the feline Mikoto earlier, because otherwise I'm going to feel kind of dumb for missing those clues.

I'm eager for Mai's reappearance. Given that I only mildly cared about her in My-HiME, I suppose this is a testament to the proper build-up she received in Mai-Otome. Hopefully her character will only serve to bring the series to a satisfying climax, and not drag the show down to its knees like Kira's mis-handled re-insertion into Gundam SEED Destiny.

Nina crazy face. Crazy face is an official My-HiME staple, now.

With regard to episode 22 much ass kicking. Midori ownage. Miyu ownage. Nina going SSJ. And Tanaka Rie using her "angry Yomi" voice to great effect. I was also stoked when Tomoe's sentai crew combined.

Still, Mai-Otome needs a new, Nami Tamaki-based, Gundam SEED-esque ED to match its OP.

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