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2 December 2012: GIRLS und PANZER episode six is amazing

A Saunders tank crew member
Guess there are no atheists in tanks taking fire either.

From the very first line of the episode, GIRLS und PANZER reveals why it's the best show of the season. Comparisons to last season's Upotte!! are natural because both shows caters to the still niche military otaku segment of anime fans, but GIRLS und PANZER has Upotte!! beat when it comes to execution.

The volleyball team is awesome, even if they make no sense.

GIRLS und PANZER also wins with regard to production quality and characters. The engaging characters in particular are a pleasant surprise, since I initially assumed they would take a backseat to the tanks themselves. I view it as a tremendous accomplishment that I care more about the tank crews than their tanks. Since I mentioned production quality, I suppose I should note that episode six was unfortunately delayed due to "circumstances," but it was worth it.

Sherman tanks
I cracked up when "The Army Goes Rolling Along" started playing.

Attention to detail is a crucial component when it comes to assuaging the critical scrutiny of military otaku. Learning that the production staff cares about elements that most shows merely gloss over goes a long way towards gaining the support of this audience. The entire show is still based on an absurd premise, but that matters not when it's done so right.

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