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13 February 2004: Introducing Futari wa Precure

Pretty Cure title
Futari wa Precure

All you need to know about Futari wa Precure, also known as We are Pretty Cure, is that it's kinda like Ikaruga except with magikal girls.

Simultaneous White Thunder and Black Thunder attacks
Simultaneous White Thunder and Black Thunder attacks. Cool.

It is a children's show, and rather charming at times, but plagued by soulless marketing gimmicks and annoyingly "cute" sidekicks that I hate already. The transformation sequences are also really long, but I'm undecided as to whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Cure Black
Cure Black

Chances are I'm not going to continue watching this, but I do think it is a good concept, what with the Cure Black and Cure White characters complementing each other. The end credit sequence also SERIOUSLY ROCKS. I especially like the part when all the bad guys cakewalk though the set together.

Antagonist Strut-Fest
The Bad Guys' Strut-o-rama

This would be a much better show if it had older characters, no stupid familiars or blatant marketing gimmicks, and a lot more magikal-girl-fu. I'm serious when I say it's a good concept. This could become a good show. The problem with it through the first two episodes is that it wavers too sharply from being excellent and entertaining to being trite and tiresome.

Cure White
Cure White

If they cut out all of the stupid parts and just crammed each episode into fifteen-minute blocks of pure awesome, then Pretty Cure would be badass. Okay, maybe not badass—I mean, it is what it is, and it is a children's show aimed at little girls—but it would be pretty fun to watch, at least. Yeah.

Futari wa Precure
As far as I can tell, "Futari wa Precure" means...

In other news, somewhat curiously, Momotato Daioh, Jascii, and I all seem to have independently chosen many of the same screenshots as each other to illustrate Futari wa Precure. Either it's just an odd coincidence or Pretty Cure has a lot more posing than I had realized. On a related note, is it just me or does it seem like there are a damn lot of anime blogs around nowadays? I kinda miss the old days when all I ever wrote about was cats getting stuck in funny places and crap like that. But I digress.

We are Pretty Cure
"We are Pretty Cure"

Oh, and the Pretty Cure plot? I dunno. Magikal girls... fighting creampuff bad guys and their fantastic, harmless evil... something like that. Well, unless it pulls a Narutaru on us, that is. Fuck, now that I think about it, that particular twist would be totally awesome.

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