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24 March 2013: In re Google Reader's replacement

halfadeckshort writes:

One alternative since you're already paying for web hosting might be Fever...but you do have to purchase the software. I've got an instance up and running and it works (for me) as well as reader did, though it's not quite as friendly for older archived material (but I use Pocket for that). I'm sure that someone is going to step in to fill the Reader gap, but if you don't want to leave it to chance Fever is an alternative that won't open you up to ad spam / subscription fees. Just thought I'd mention that and the fact that I love the bonus content you provide.

I don't think I want to implement my own server-side solution at this point. I'm reasonably satisfied with Akregator thus far. I'll probably want the ability to sync read articles across multiple computers again eventually, but this is all right for now.

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