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26 November 2006: Gift ~eternal rainbow~

Penguin toy attack
This joke could be stupider. There could be more of them.

Gift ~eternal rainbow~ is god-awful. When a series aspires to be a low-rent Da Capo and fails even in that regard, you know you've got something grotesquely heinous. The only thing Gift ~eternal rainbow~ has going for it is that it isn't Crescent Love. Seriously, though, I want all the characters to die in a fire. Well, not Kirino. She's so pathetic and miserable that I'd let her live.

Haruhiko and Riko
Damn it, snipers, where are you?

I'll tell you one thing, though: Gift ~eternal rainbow~ has made me realize how much better things were back when Girls Bravo was my shitty show for the season that I inexplicably followed. (Girls Bravo was strikingly terrible, but at least it was funny on occasion.) To put things in perspective, Gift ~eternal rainbow~ is worse than Cosprayers. It's still not as bad as Limeiro CROSS, but Lord, it ain't good.

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