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14 November 2008: On batting .500 (not really about anime—nor baseball neither)

Shuji's minidisc stash
See also ENOZ.

Ah, nuts. So it's not the inverter. I hope replacing the CCFL is easier than it looks. On the other hand, fixing my busted minidisc player was a cinch. Yes, I said minidisc. I'll let you in on a secret: I like using minidisc because Sony's SonicStage software is a colossal piece of garbage and it makes listening to music an incredible pain in the ass. These arduous conditions will enhance your enjoyment of the music because you'll appreciate all the God damn work necessary to get there from here. It's sort of the same deal as with vinyl except on ephemeral media and without the benefit of high fidelity audio. Word.

[Update: IT'S A SONY.]

13:02:27< Evirus> I'm almost out of Haagen Dazs.
13:02:29< rq> strawberry?
13:02:29< Evirus> Yes.
13:02:29< rq> i had some coffee haagen dazs
13:02:29< rq> pretty good
13:02:29< Evirus> Speaking of which, I think I'm going to pioneer the next great blogging advancement: Previews for the upcoming blog entry. There will be more service-service, too.
13:02:31< rq> that doesn't sound that great

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