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30 November 2008: There sure are a lot of crotch shots in Strike Witches

Sakamoto takes an early lead.

It only took me five minutes of Strike Witches TV to dislike Miyafuji. On the other hand, I'll fully support the Chiba Saeko witch in anything she does because she's doing That Voice—plus smacking Miyafuji around unnecessarily hard.

Wasn't this a Venus Versus Virus shtick?

I'm no big fan of eye patches, but having one doesn't stop Sakamoto from being the front runner. I'm also no fan of animal ears and tails, but thankfully the witches don't have them all the time.

I think the glow means someone's about to get whaled on.

And even though I've only seen one episode of Strike Witches so far, I'm going to go ahead and say the show really should be about Ayako's character from Sky Girls slipping through a Final Countdown vortex and landing in the Strike Witches universe. Then the rest of the show could be about mahou no-jo Otoha trying to fit in with the rest of the crew and fighting Neuroi whatchamacallits while trying to get home. And then a mid-season Eika guest spot. Yeah.

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