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9 December 2006: Gift ~eternal rainbow~ episode 10

Dark Kirino is displeased.

Wow, I almost want to take back what I said about Gift ~eternal rainbow~ being insipid. The last couple episodes have been full of treachery and jealousy and misery and the show is all kinds of watchable now. Episode 10 in particular sets up a BAD END, which will be totally awesome if the show doesn't chicken out and force some manner of happy ending out of the final episodes.

Basically this is all because Haruhiko is a sick bastard.

I'm hoping that these characters start killing enough other before the series' conclusion, but I guess that's probably a little optimistic on my part. Still, for a show about wishes and rainbows, Gift ~eternal rainbow~ has taken somewhat of a dark turn, so it's not entirely out of the question.

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