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24 February 2014: Wake Up, Girls! 7 Girls War Seven in Seven the Hard Way

Kaya, Miyu, Nanami, Minami, and Hayasaka
It's not a blood sacrifice, but it will have to do.

  1. Mayu just shrugs off the high-intensity workouts. You don't get to be an I-1 Club center for nothing.
  2. We all knew they weren't really going to vote Airi off the island, but I'm still glad it didn't drag out into full-on drama
  3. I was relieved Mayu didn't start crying when Yoshino and Airi did.
  4. I'm looking forward to the Nanami episode even though it will probably be about how she's filthy rich and the other girls aren't.
  5. Tange needs more Gunbuster pose.
  6. Do the I-1 Club workouts include weapons training? Wait, that was AKB0048.
  7. Minami needed more character traits other than "girl who eats a lot" and "likes elderly ladies." So now she's "good at crane games."

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