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5 March 2014: I guess it's better than blowing bathroom particles against your damp hands

I actually wanted to use a screenshot of Kasuga Ayumu, but this is more timely.

I don't actually know if this practice exists in real life, or if it's yet another otaku myth, but anime girls are frequently depicted clutching handkerchiefs in their mouths as they wash their hands at school. Presumably, paper towels and air dryers are unavailable in third-world countries. But at what time during the process do these characters transfer their handkerchiefs from their pockets to their mouths?

I bet Yukine never washes his hands. NEVER.

I assume they are washing their hands after using the toilet, but do they clutch their handkerchiefs in their mouths before conducting that bit of business, or do they retrieve them with unwashed hands, place them in their mouths, and then proceed to wash and dry their hands? It seems to me that from a strictly chain-of-cooties perspective, the former is arguably a more sanitary practice than the latter, although neither is really ideal. Anyway, if you know the answer to this, send me a telegram, but not if you're obtuse enough to think I really believe Japan is a third-world country.

Update: Ani-Nouto suggests...

I see two possibilities:

  • Reach into pocket, grab folded kerchief so that the last fold goes against the palm, then with a deft movement unfold it and grab the now exposed center with your mouth
  • Pee on one hand, use it to touch handles and flush, reserve the other strictly for this

Imma gonna assume he meant "with one hand."

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