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12 November 2014: Magic Kaito 1412 and Detective Conan

This heist might be a little too easy.

Because the manga dates back to 1987, Magic Kaito actually predates Detective Conan, although its kohei quickly overshadowed it. Kaito occasionally makes guest appearances on Detective Conan, and, in fact, got 12 excellent Magic Kaito specials of his own spread amongst the Detective Conan broadcasts between 2010 to 2012. These re-tell the origin of Kaito Kid and probably tested the waters for a standalone series. The new television series which began autumn 2014 retreads a lot of familiar ground, but includes a few cast and story changes (and different character designs compared to the Detective Conan appearances). It airs in the half-hour family slot immediately preceding the weekly broadcast of Detective Conan

Akako > Aoko.

So far, Magic Kaito 1412 (I don't actually know the significance of the 1412 part) is about as good as the aforementioned Magic Kaito specials, re-telling approximately the same material in about the same way. The cast changes are not bad, but I preferred Fujimura Ayumi as Aoko; her cranky voice is so good, and Aoko is basically cranky all the damn time. I did prefer Sawashiro Miyuki as the no-shit, magic-using witch Akako, but I've recently decided that I have been under-appreciating Kitamura Eri, so I suspect this particular change will grow on me.

Ran, Conan, and Sonoko
Conan gets the full Ran.

Together, Magic Kaito 1412 and Detective Conan (which remains as good as it's ever been) combine for a solid hour of quality family entertainment. There's nothing particularly offensive or torrid (despite the frequent grisly homicides in Detective Conan) in either show, something that may actually discourage western anime fans who are hoping for COMEDY or ACTION that's NOT KID'S STUFF, finding that it's not enough for a show to merely be STRAIGHT FROM JAPAN. Ran did go full-on nudie-time in front of Conan (Shinichi, remember) by accident this season, though. There is that.

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