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24 May 2015: Idle compilation of idol measurements

During a span of drunken Symphogear confessions, @zoid9000 happened to share the following:

Well, it so happens that I already have a spreadsheet handy with similar data for idols from various anime and games. Technically, these Symphogear characters are idols of a sort too, so I included them as well. As a caveat, the data found here is not necessarily accurate, because I relied almost exclusively on secondary sources. So if people hand-jamming idol bust sizes onto the various wikis I consulted got their information wrong in some way, I'm potentially compounding the problem by further republishing incorrect data and/or introducing new errors myself.

Takane, Miki, Hibiki
Project Fairy: Best project. Best fairy.

As you sort the data by various categories, a few surprisingly results may stand out. For example, Ganaha Hibiki from THE iDOLM@STER seems to have an unusually large bust size when considered as a ratio to her height. True, the absence of cup sizes from these measurements creates opportunities for misleading conclusions, but it seems an outlier should at least be apparent in the computer-generated all-singing, all-dancing models from the game.

This picture is relevant because Haruhi made the list as an ENOZ pinch hitter.

Of course, that assumes the designs of iM@S characters reflect "canonical" measurements in their 3D models. I get the feeling that is not the case, seeing as how the CG versions of Takane's hips, supposedly the widest so far out of more than 100 different characters, don't seem particularly broad even compared to the skinnier members of 765 Production. Probably somewhere out there someone armed with a collection of Gravure For You! videos has scrutinized individual pixels of iDOLM@STER characters in their skivvies to get a complete full-on deviant's understanding of the truth we were not meant to know, but that person isn't going to be me.

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