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25 September 2015: Problems with an Evangelion release? It's deja vu all over again

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I caught the news on The Twitter that there are problems with the Neon Genesis Evangelion Blu-ray box and the DVD box. Here is the Starchild notice and details for a disc exchange. Thankfully, I consider this a non-issue. I imported the Blu-ray set, and if the only problem is one incorrect eyecatch, I'm good with it. The DVD error doesn't seem too bad, either. At least it's not bad enough to hazard an out-of-country disc exchange if you ask me. I'm guessing anyone in that situation who would have cared probably imported the Blu-ray set instead of the DVD one anyway.

Lilith and Rei
This is about where the layer change occurs on the 2002 DVD.

However, this incident does remind me of the botched Region 1 DVD release of The End of Evangelion 13 years ago. I was somewhat annoyed at the time, but the incident did at least provide me with my greatest moment as an Evangelion fan. I had purchased my defective DVD at a local Best Buy electronics establishment, and the store was good enough to allow me to exchange the disc for a new one. However, there was no way to know ahead of time whether or not my replacement disc would also suffer the same problems. Best Buy's Customer Service department (located at the very front of the enormous store) agreed to test the replacement DVD to see if the video would freeze at the layer change. Sure enough, it did, and we had to repeat the process at least once before I got a working disc. What this means is a busy Best Buy prominently displayed a levitating nude blue-haired anime girl on the overhead display televisions at the front of its store over and over again for reasons important to me, but likely entirely perplexing to the rest of the customers.

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