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4 January 2007: Eureka Seven

So the last eight or so episodes of Eureka 7 are pretty good. They weren't good enough to change my opinion on the series as a whole, but I can at least say that the series ended well.

For those of you joining this discussion late, I acknowledge that Eureka 7 is a good series that many people rightly enjoy, but I do not like it (and kinda hate a sizable portion of it), mostly because I don't like the lead characters.

Eureka and Renton never grew on me. My loathing for the three children likewise did not abate. Well, I guess I did like Maurice a little better when he went all Oedipus towards the end. (Oh, relax. It's not like he put out his eyes or nothing.)

I did come to like Anemone when she started getting angry and depressed. Dominic's unconditional love for Anemone is the best part of Eureka 7. Granted, it's not entirely realistic, but you gotta have different expectations when considering love affairs involving crazy mecha pilots.

Is crying while killing people moe?

Unfortunately, Dominic and Anemone did not get nearly the screen time I thought they deserved. The most interesting part of the whole series gets put on the back burner for some punk-ass kid. What sense does that make? I guess I'm just not in Eureka 7's target demographic.

Seriously, though, there was some development in Anemone and Dominic's relationship, and some good changes in the characters themselves (e.g., Anemone's reaction to finding a gray hair was fairly meaningful), but there wasn't nearly enough story devoted to these characters. Really, the show should have been about Dominic & Anemone and Holland & Talho. There's your million-dollar series right there.

For the record, theEND > Nirvash, if only because piloting the Nirvash involved a lot of posing and sky-surfing-type moves, which I never stopped thinking looked stupid as Hell. theEND at least flew around on stumpy little skis, which is only a little less stupid, but looks a lot better.

Nirvash tangles with theEND
Nirvash tangles with theEND.

Moreover, episode 48 of Eureka 7 is the best episode of the whole series. Yes, I understand that it echoes episode 26 significantly, but I feel episode 48 was done better. Besides, both steal from an early episode of Cho Jiku Yosai Macross. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for mentally-unbalanced mecha pilots crying while fighting. (Not counting Stellvia.)

Eh, that could be it. Anemone crying while piloting theEND was one of the reasons why I liked the last OP so much. Speaking of which, all of the music in Eureka 7 is good, in fact, and I liked all the OPs and EDs. I was especially curiously enamored with the HALCALI ED that featured the female characters doing age-appropriate girly-type things that you never saw them do in the show itself. It even had Maeter—and she wasn't annoying. That's gotta count for something.

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