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23 October 2015: If you're not watching 35th Platoon for Ueda Reina, I can only assume you're watching it for Itou Kanae

Mari and Ouka
I don't understand why they wear belts with suspenders,
let alone TWO belts with suspenders.

Wondering why a company has 35 platoons is the least confusing part of Tai-Madō Gakuen 35 Shiken Shōtai (Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon). Indeed, most of the show makes no sense to me, largely because I find it difficult to remain engaged enough to follow along with what's happening. Everything about it seems rather low-effort and perplexing. Why is the sniper girl even a character? What does she bring to the show? She's been dead weight through three episodes, so I guess she's there for comic relief. (Read: Random breast groping, because it's definitely not sexual assault as long as the perpetrator is also female.)

The tracking collar around her neck will explode if she uses magic.
Also, hey, wait a minute....

In fact, I had to make a note to myself not to prematurely drop the show before Itou Kanae's character appeared. She doesn't seem to get much work these days, which I find particularly troubling because I think she has one of most pleasant "normal" voices in the industry (as opposed to typical, shrill, obviously anime voices). Ueda Reina, on the other hand, is laying it on fairly thick with the tsundere bullshit, but I imagine that's what they're asking for. Hopefully the show will hit some interesting material once it gets the contrived setup nonsense out of the way.

Mari and Takeru
Sweet. Girl roomie.

I'm being unnecessarily harsh on 35th Platoon here, because the show is not exactly bad—not in the way Shoumin Sample or Comet Lucifer are bad¸ and not even the way Chaos Dragon from last season was bad. But rather, it's merely uninteresting, which I suppose isn't any better as a practical matter, since I would have stopped watching 35th Platoon by now were it not for Itou Kanae and Ueda Reina. Sadly, the show itself isn't an absurd buddy comedy about their two characters. Take a witch and a loose-cannon witch hunter who's been taken off the case and make them partners! And roommates! Cue the laugh track, fellas.

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