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26 July 2016: Flying Witch is fantastic

Akane and Makoto
Eh, there's no rush.

Unlike ani-nouto, I found Flying Witch to be an exceptional show and am willing to watch additional episodes of it essentially indefinitely. From a genre standpoint, I don't typically watch shows like Flying Witch, so perhaps that's one reason why I enjoyed it so much. Or maybe the show just happened to catch me at a time when I could appreciate its idyllic, laid back atmosphere and pace.

Chito and Makoto
This sort of witchcraft looks like work.

I've seen a few people compare Flying Witch favorably with Yotsuba&!, and I suppose that's apt with regard to how the two feel, even if there's not necessarily much the two have in common. Nine-year-old Chinatsu would probably get along very well with Ena and Miura, though. I think the key is both Flying Witch and Yotsuba&! are about fully enjoying every moment even if it might otherwise seem mundane.

Chinatsu is one of the few anime children I'm totally okay with.

Yotsuba herself enjoys everything because she's a small child, but Makoto, Akane, Chinatsu, and company "enjoy everything" because they seem to be at peace with the world and their place in it. Even Inukai, victim of careless magicking while intoxicated, seems somewhat content to delay resolving her condition even though it still agitates her if she thinks about it. She seems quite capable of simply not thinking about it most of the time, or at least that's my explanation for why she's allowed so much time to go by without any progress.

Al and Inukai
It's a living.

Ultimately, although I wouldn't call Flying Witch flawless, I don't have any real complaints about it. All I'm left with as far as criticism is concerned is that I have a hard time accepting Makoto as a 15-year-old. This is probably related mostly to her appearance and how she dresses, but her mannerisms also seem sort of peculiar for a teenager. I also have a somewhat difficult time accepting her as a witch, but this is actually a plot point so I guess it gets a pass. She's got a long way to go before reaching Akane's level, that's for sure.

Makoto and Chito
Maybe nobody is staring because she's dressed so conservatively.

In any case, Flying Witch is solidly good enough that I'm genuinely surprised anyone can have a low opinion of it. From a pseudo objective standpoint, I gave the show about a 4.5/5, which is basically Konosuba-level. (Notable because Konosuba is also sort of about enjoying where you're at.) It's also higher than what I gave Shirobako, although admittedly that show is more about a constant state of agitation than pleasantly whiling away the time.

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