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24 August 2016: Love Live! Sunshine!! and falling into darkness

That feather in her hair ball is probably lousy with germs.

I am now further along in Love Live! Sunshine!! than I ever got in First Love Live. I dropped Love Live! School Idol Project after five episodes because it didn't really speak to me. Love Live! Sunshine!! does not speak to me either, but it's at least modestly more entertaining so far thanks to Yoshiko's batshit crazy chuuni alter ego. It also has You regularly in a trucker hat with her name on it, Kanan who might be a U.S. Navy SEAL, and Hanamaru who is basically Machi except without the crippling social anxiety or the SEXUAL HARASSMENT.

Chika and You
It's a cinch they'll be marketing these YOU hats.

Yoshiko's preposterous Yohane persona works for me because Yoshiko herself is aware of how silly this whole chuunibyou business is, and she's mortified by her inability to leave those affectations behind. As I suggested recently, I believe this sort of ridiculousness is the way forward with regard to chuuni characters in general, at least until the entire gimmick burns itself out. In Yoshiko's case, her Yohane side will probably stay with her until someone lops off her hair ball with a virgin blade under the darkness of a new moon.

Mari and Kanan
Kanan breached this ojou-sama's high-security compound
by swimming in from the beachfront side.

Yohane leads the way, but Hanamaru, You, and Kanan are also all variously amusing enough to watch even if I'm otherwise disappointed with the rest of the characters. As a whole, the group is still interesting enough that I'll at least keep watching it even though I was tired of the Love Live! School Idol Project cast by this point. Possibly I just have a higher tolerance for would-be school idols doing idol things, but it's also possible I simply like the Sunshine!! characters more than the First Love Live characters. After all, I watched the Love Live! movie not too long ago, and found it sort of tedious. Granted, I only knew the characters from their reputations, but this was also the case when I watched the K-On! movie, and it's pretty clear to me the K-On! movie is much better than the Love Live! movie.

Dia and Mari
These two are a lot less interesting than I would have expected.

You'd expect an idol show to have good music, but none of the songs are really sticking with me so far. On the other hand, I'm surprisingly pleased with some of the visual gags in Love Live! Sunshine!! so far. Off the top of my head, I can think of...well, only three examples, but that's not too bad for six episodes. In any case, it has enough funny moments that it's worth avoiding screenshots on the Twitter or in anime blogs because the worst spoilers are those revealing the punchlines to jokes. That's way worse than finding out Freyja is actually a Windermere spy or that the latest episode of Re:Zero introduces a heretofore unrevealed green oni twin triplet.

P.S. Spoilers.

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