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12 January 2007: Gundam SEED Destiny Special Edition 4

I didn't spot any major changes to the fourth and final Gundam SEED Destiny Special Edition compliation movie. The biggest thing I noticed was an additional scene showing Cagalli taking off THE RING and stowing it in some random box in a desk, just in case the original scene was just TOO SUBTLE for some of y'all. I guess it also serves to eliminate any potential doubts such as fears that maybe Cagalli just lost it down a sink one day while washing dishes.

At least she didn't throw it into Mount Doom.

Oh, they did fix Meer's Engrish note from the double-date segment.

Meer's note.
Help!! I'm trapped in an Idol Factory.

God damn, those really were shitty Soldats knockoffs.

The fourth movie also clearly showed that Shiho Hasenpfeffer is now one of Empress Lacus' goons. Oh, I guess the fourth movie also showed that Kira now apparently holds a ZAFT command position in the Clyne Empire, although Athrun had to settle for being an Orb flunky.

Lacus and ZAFT-type Kira
Empress-type Lacus greets ZAFT-type Kira.

Shiho, Lacus, and Yzak
Empress Lacus and her goons. So much better than Meer's goons.

Empress Lacus
Ha ha. It's ARTHUR!

I guess that's the biggest change right there: Remember how Gundam SEED Destiny screwed up by first being about Shinn Asuka, and then switched gears trying to be about Athrun Zala and his harem of girls with the bedroom-type eyes and the aerodynamic-type boobs, and then fucked everything royal by being about Kira's pacifistic moralizing and brush with omnipotence? Well, the movies basically said, "Forget all that, the series was really about Athrun Zala narrating the epic story of Lacus Clyne's sinister rise to power." It's quite an accomplishment for the "Ara? Ara?" airhead of yore.

Everything else was pretty much from the Final Plus version of the last episode, including Shinn finally being introduced to Kira.

Shinn meets Kira
"So sorry I accidentally killed your family."

Anyway, I hope there is a third SEED season that reveals Lacus was behind it all, and that the source of Kira's newfound strength arises from the ghost of Flay, whose regular Obi-Wan Kenobi-isms get him through the night when he's blueballed from his years of impenetrable celibacy with Lacus. And Meyrin and Athrun should go on more dates that get interrupted because people keep trying to kill them.

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