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24 April 2017: I've already dropped 10 shows from Spring 2017

Nono and Fudou
This is not Re:Zero.

There are a lot more shows each season these days than there used to be. I'm willing to give a lot of them a try, but I'm not quite as willing to slog through something in hopes it gets more interesting later. Lest you think I'm being too negative because I dropped 10 shows before the fourth week, bear in mind I'm still watching 17. Cripes, that is a lot. No wonder I never make any progress through my sizable backlog of anime I'd like to re-watch someday.

This dork.

Tsuki ga Kirei is actually pretty good. It's about middle school romance, and is suitably awkward about it where it needs to be, but I'm putting it on hold after three episodes because it doesn't particularly appeal to me all that much. I'll wait and see how other viewers respond to the rest of the season before deciding if I'm going to watch any more.

I dropped Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) years ago, but I watched one episode of the new season because I knew it was the one featuring [SPOILERS] with a bow. That turned out to be reasonably good. It had lots of entertaining screaming. I'm not watching any more, though. The anime is still not past where I left off in the manga, and I basically have no more interest in this franchise.

Katalina and Lyria
I, too, am stunned by the contrivance.

I gave up on Granblue Fantasy the Animation after four episodes. It seems okay, but it's not great, and I'd rather re-watch Scrapped Princess (I bought the Blu-rays recently). I think I'd also rather give The Tower of Druaga a try, since I heard Hocchan is in it.

Ueda Reina is in this.

Sakura Quest is okay, but it's no Shirobako and it's no Hanasaku Iroha. I'd rather just re-watch those. I haven't dropped Sakura Quest yet, but I'm putting it on hold after three episodes to see how it turns out first. It's two cours, so this could be a while.

Best Girl.

The animation in Eromanga-sensei is really good, but the show itself will only appeal to people sharing a specific set of fetishes. Everyone else is probably better off just scrolling through screenshots on the Twitter. I did like Girl Who Loves Dicks, though, even if she was just saying that shit to fuck with Potato-kun's head.

I dropped Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni... (the priest-fucker anime) after one episode. This is a hentai short minus the bits that would require mosaics.

I dropped Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria after two episodes. It seems to be a retread of the original anime following the same timeline but from a different point of view. If you liked the original, you'll probably like this too. If you never watched the original, you'll probably be better off watching that first. I didn't like the original, and I don't like this either even though Kawasumi Ayako is in it. Frankly, there are entirely too many tired old boob jokes. Like, even for anime.

I dropped Clockwork Planet after one episode. This was way shittier than I expected. And I actually like clockwork.

Remuria Sharia
Cosprayers Line.

Sagrada Reset is one of those shows that tries to be serious and intelligent but has a lot of problems if you think about it even a little bit. Despite that, I might have lasted more than two episodes if it had been more interesting. I still don't actually know if the real title is Sakurada Reset or Sagrada Reset. I assume there's a kanji pun in here somewhere.

Busou Shoujo Machiavellism. Shounen jive. One episode.

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