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26 June 2017: I think I would like Atom: The Beginning more if it did not start at the beginning

Well, it makes sense given that it's the sixth of the "A Ten" series.

I feel as if I should enjoy Atom: The Beginning more as a matter of general principle. After all, it has such highly influential and historically important roots that I feel compelled to watch it regardless of its merits. Never mind that I'm only passably familiar with the original content, and have basically watched or read none of it. It's a backwards approach to things, to be sure. Nevertheless, Atom: The Beginning is airing now (well, soon ending now at this point), and getting into the franchise out of order seems okay since it's a prequel.

Motoko and Ran
Ran isn't actually much younger than Motoko.

Unfortunately, the show itself is not particularly compelling. It is absolutely nice and fine, but also somewhat slow and not particularly engaging. I enjoy little bits of the series more than I actually like it as a whole. For example, I like how Motoko gallavants around in clothes which are clearly too small for her, and I like how Ran is quietly obsessed with electronics and building stuff, even though I think she may be a robosexual. I like how Hiroshi has Cyrano's nose and nobody seems to notice (except Motoko, subconsciously). And I like how everyone refers to A106 as A Ten Six.

Tenma and Hiroshi
Geniuses at work.

Unfortunately, not a whole lot happens in this show before it entered a tournament arc which I assume will wrap up the series next week or the week after with the show's final episode. It really feels as if Atom: The Beginning is a show that needs to run for 50 or more episodes, considering how lightly invested I am in it after 10 episodes. I'm almost positive I would enjoy this a lot more if I was more familiar with Tezuka Osamu's work. Does this mean any failings with Atom: The Beginning are my own? I suppose so. Like I said, the show does everything competently well, and there's nothing I can identify which I could accuse it of doing wrong. Nevertheless, it's a show I would have stopped watching quite a long time ago were it not for its heritage.

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