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2 December 2008: Another solid episode of Kannagi

Jin beats a hasty retreat
Jin makes a run for it.

I'm glad to see Kannagi address the following two issues: First, harem comedy male protagonists really need better excuses for not trophy fucking every girl in reach. The most obvious reason for their inexplicable celibacy is likely homosexuality. And if Male Protagonist is not gay, everyone else should probably think he is. I'm glad Kannagi realizes this.

Tsugumi consults Zange
Zange's rates are low, but she'll probably laugh at you before you're done.

Second, Kannagi addresses what it means to be The Childhood Friend. You can't throw a stick in Animestan without hitting a Childhood Friend. Kannagi takes the time to explain just exactly what that means. [Spoilers: It means she knows where all the bodies are buried.] Really, I'd rather see more Girls Next Door and fewer Childhood Friends, but Japan seems to follow different conventions.

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