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28 August 2017: The top 10 best Love Live! School Idol Project girls, part two

Maki and Nico
It's not easy being the Best Girls.

If you caught the last installment, then you know I finished the first season of Love Live! School Idol Project with the characters ranked in the following order:

Preliminary Ruling: Maki > Nico > Umi > Kotori > [GOOD/BAD LINE] > Hanayo > Eli > Honoka > Nozomi > Rin.

Notably, last-place Rin had no redeeming qualities. Well, all of that was based entirely on the first season of the anime. Now that I've watched the OVA, the second cours, and the movie, I hereby present the final standings:

Maki > Nico > Kotori > Umi > Hanayo > [GOOD/BAD LINE] > Eli > Honoka > Nozomi > Rin.

Hanayo, Eli, and Kotori
I'm pretty surprised to see Eli display so much interest
in a heterosexual love scene, to tell you the truth.

Nico actually led this thing for a while, but it's pretty clear Maki's simply better. That said, I don't have any issue with other people placing Nico first. Nico comes across a lot better in the show than I was expecting, considering I mostly knew her from various "trash" memes. Umi drops because she way too uptight in the movie, but I already had Kotori ahead of her before then anyway. Kotori does really well by virtue of being sort of normal. For the same reason, Hanayo places higher than I would have expected of someone who otherwise has just one shtick. That's it for the Good Tier, though.

Anju, Eli, Erena, and Tsubasa
All y'all would need to do is turn pro.

Before you seal that letter bomb because your waifu is in the Bad Tier, at least take some solace in knowing that nobody in the Bad Tier is particularly Bad. For example, Eli probably would have a decent case for being on the Good side if she hadn't turned out to be scared of the dark (P.S. Spoilers), and if she hadn't been a sourpuss for so long in the first season. Even "Rin Tier" isn't that bad anymore. I can admit I am able to think of at least one redeeming quality now: Her voice is really nice. Nevertheless, Rin is still last, nya.

Honestly, it's probably a terrible idea to let Honoka time travel.

As for Love Live! School Idol Project itself, the second season is definitely stronger than the first season. The disparity is enough for me to claim that curious skeptics who are tentatively willing to give the series a try should start with the second season. The first season is mostly about how μ's formed, and it sort of drags, to tell you the truth. It's definitely not something I can recommend except to potential viewers who already believe they are predisposed to liking it. Y'all know who you are. At a minimum, it's a stronger case for the justification that people gave for skipping the first Wake Up, Girls! movie. Incidentally, you should not skip the first Wake Up, Girls! movie before starting the television series.

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