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13 August 2018: I like Overlord better the more I watch it

Nfirea, Enri, and Nemu
Enri put on her best clothes for the visit, but not only did Nfirea
not even bother to change his shirt, it isn't even tucked in.

The third season of Overlord thankfully had only a three-month hiatus following the second season. The break between the first and second season was more than two years, which was entirely too long for casual fans of the anime who had not read the books. A lot of the events that occur in Overlord happen simultaneously or close to it, so it's helpful to keep the timeline and chain of events straight as more and more characters get introduced. That was a lot harder to do when I could barely remember a lot of the context I was supposed to know.

Enri and Narberal
There is shocking little fan art of Ganaha Hibiki coplaying as Narberal.

Despite being mostly ambivalent and only somewhat favorable toward the franchise initially, I've come to enjoy it a great deal despite the misgivings I would ordinarily have toward it simply by virtue of it being an isekai light novel series. I'm honestly not sure precisely why I enjoy the anime (and the books too, which I've started buying as well), but I suppose I mostly like its characters.

Aura and Ryraryus
Just a 70-year-old kid dragging away a giant recalcitrant naga by a neck.

Momonga bullshitting his way though every aspect of his existence while quietly tamping down his internal panic remains endlessly amusing, particularly in contrast with the actual environment around him. I.e., wall-to-wall sycophants of unquestionable, unshakable loyalty. (Okay, except for the subversive penguin.) Likewise, the complete absence of any credible threat (thus far) to the denizens of Nazarick also remains entertaining, despite sensible concerns it ought to get sort of old.

Lupusregina and Yuri
I am in favor of more appearances by the Pleiades maids.

However, I think it works because Overlord understands the focus of these various conflicts isn't so much about what's at stake, necessarily, or any pretense the fights are supposed to have the outcomes in question. Rather, they are introductory pieces to help us know Momonga's various flunkies better as they interact with their new world. The number of characters is large enough that we're still meeting many of them essentially for the first time even in the third season.

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