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24 September 2018: There is no choir in Hanebado! Not even sometimes

Yes, you're actually still a main character.

Hanebado! is one of my favorite shows from the Summer 2018 anime season for pretty much the same reason why most of the Twitter seems to hate it. It is, like, wall-to-wall cunts. Oh my God, Ayano has turned into such a bitch. She's mean to basically everyone around her now for essentially no reason. Or at least for no reason she can pin on them. This show is wonderful.

Nagisa and Ayano
Early Ayano stays this way a lot longer in the manga.

Amusingly, the anime seems to be dramatically different from the source manga. I've only started reading the manga, but the anime bears little resemblance to it when it comes to tone and characterization. A lot of the story has been changed as well, although there is overlap in terms of the key settings and events. Or at least that's the way it is initially. The main thing, though, is Ayano is completely different. Maybe manga-Ayano turns into a little monster later, but she at least starts out as a meek, naive, and lazy kid with KCY who clings to Elena entirely too much.

Kaoruko and Miki
Kaoruko and her little friend know which side to cheer for.

Notably, the anime seems different enough from the manga that there's arguably no telling how it's going to end. From a narrative standpoint, there's one solid bet as to how the final Nagisa v. Ayano arc will conclude, particularly if you take cues from the OP and ED, anime's traditional sources of totally blatant spoilers. However, I'm also willing to entertain the possibility that the anime will subvert expectations with its ending.

Not the best mom in the world.

The best ending, of course, would be a cliffhanger followed by an announcement that Hanebado! will run for another cours or three. This shit is too good to end so soon. I guess I should also point out that even if you're not a big fan of bitches being bitches, Hanebado! is also a good sports anime and manages to hit the right marks with its reaction shots and knowledgeable explanations from savvy rivals in the stands, at least for me. Besides the character-driven drama (melodrama, really), Hanebado! keeps me engaged with the matches even though I know essentially nothing about badminton. I don't understand why there hasn't been more choir, though.

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